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Earth Lights

Apr 12, 2002 — Here's a [link http://www.somuchstyle.net/~beezel/earthlights_dmsp_big.jpg]cool picture[/link] to get a poster of (read back to mb's free nasa poster article). I was suprised to see how dark the old USSR and China are. Especially China, considering the sheer volume of people. The US west coast is amusing, you can really tell where LA, SF, and SEA are at. Not to mention the whole Wabash strip on the east coast.

justin says:

Hey MB, where is this server located? East coast? I always assumed it was somewhere closer to the NW...

Dylan says:

It's in Ohio. It's hosted at [link http://www.1st.net]1[sup]st[/sup].Net[/link].

But speaking of that picture.... Take a close look at Russia. You can see how civilization sprang up around the railroads, and just how influential the railroads actually are in that country. If you look, you'll see a spidery web of railway lines spreading to the East. Very, very cool.

Dylan says:

Oh yeah, and also look at North and South Korea. It's very, very obvious where South Korea ends and North Korea begins.

justin says:

Ya, I noticed the railroads. What really has me stumped are those 2 bright lights right off the coast of Madigascar (sp?). Any ideas?

Digerati\ says:

im guessing oil rigs our there by madigascar. only reasonable explaination..

Aesopian says:

When I saw how concentrated the light is in Japan, I thought, "Geez! It's like it's radioactive!" Then I realized what I'd just thought. Ooops.

I hope someone else got that...

Pytte says:

Notice how Denmark lights up .. it's because of me ..

pvera says:

Puerto Rico looks insanely bright.

shedao says:

I think the lights off the coast of Africa are most likely Mauritius and Reunion. The reason I say that is they have good industry/GNP unlike the other African islands in the Indian Ocean and the location fits.


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