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Jul 11, 2003 — Wtf? Out of sheer vain curiousity/boredom, i check out justin.com, hoping to register and therefore be uber-r337. No such luck. Some [link http://www.justin.com]douche-bag[/link] has beaten me to the punch. Just a quick gander (highly underused and underappreciated word, btw) at the front page had me scratching my head. Who TF cares that much about a name? "56th most common Male name" "Look it up in the Census!" WTF? What kind of exciting content is "Look it up in the census"?

You may now refer to me and Juicestain, btw.

lidge_34 says:

Well, [link http://www.brandon.com]brandon.com[/link] definitely beats justin.com, but [link http://www.lidge.com]lidge.com[/link]? WTF? I think I've just lost my manhood. Actually, my first thought was that it was some girly lingerie site, but then I realized its probably not, though I have no clue what the hell it is since it's all in FRENCH.

DataBind() says:

lidge.com appears to be a website that contains recipes for soup as well as a tour of Scotland. Of course, google doesn't translate very well.

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