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Damn, who's that sexy guy in the new webcam?

Feb 25, 2002 — Thats right, finally fixed the webcam saga. Dont know what it was, after using webcam32 I tried iVista with the same results. Now I'm using CoffeeCup WebCam...seems to work very well. Even has motion-sensing security stuff. Pretty neat.

Dylan says:

Glad to hear you found one that works. Any problems at all with it?

justin says:

Only problem I see is that in the preview/live stream it gets a bit funky looking. The bottom half "digitizes" for lack of a better phrase. Other than that, its not free, which sucks :).

BTW: Maybe you could add a reply-to-replies button? Makes it easier than only being able to see the original thread when replying to a reply.
Just a thought.

nfn says:

are any of them free?

justin says:

Also, I've noticed that the cams dont update on the right. Is that how its supposed to be? Mine only update when I load a different page.
Just checkin,

Dylan says:

Yeah, the cam pic on the side doesn't auto-update. It's just supposed to be a thumbnail link to a popup window.

CoolGui says:

I like [link http://www.conquercam.com]Conquer Cam[/link] myself. I used to use WebCam32 before conquercam matured but I find conquercam much nicer and more configurable with overlays and whatnot. :)

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